What We Know For Sure About John Edwards

Every though I was heavily involved in the reporting on the John Edwards story just after the story broke about The National Enquirer catching Edwards leaving the Beverly Hilton hotelhere are my predictions about where the Edwards story was headed, from August 2008 — I haven’t really been following the Edwards trial closely.

What I’ve heard seems convoluted. Some of the money flowed to Rielle Hunter and Andrew Young after Edwards’s campaign was over. But — we do know some things for sure.

Rielle Hunter & John Edwards slept together the first night they met. The affair began immediately. Therefore, the Edwards campaign hired Hunter to ostensibly to create videos but the whole point was really that Edwards would be able to travel with his mistress so he could spend time and sleep with her. The job was cover so they could be with each other.

That’s what happened, too. When Edwards did a short tour to announce his candidacy in December, 2006 Rielle was him. Elizabeth Edwards was not. The picture below was taken by tech writer Robert Scoble, who wrote about being on that trip.

Hiring Reille Hunter is the very clear case here — it happened during the campaign, with campaign funds. Does it violate campaign finance laws to hire your girlfriend as cover for your affair? I don’t know but if not, it’s a big loophole and gives a good reason to hire people you’re having affairs with. Politicians, take note!

Did prosecutors make this case? No idea.

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