When Information Is Free


Another thing that most of us haven’t quite wrapped our heads around is that almost anything you want to know or learn is available to you right now. Free. You’re one mouse click away from taking an M.I.T. course in Engineering or dozens of other subjects from a whole slew of univerisites

Or you could learn how to play a Death Cab For Cutie Song on the piano.

Did you know there’s 15 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute?

You can learn languages, philosophies, facts, lyrics, and how everything works

How does this change things? Did all this knowledge help Barack Obama win the election because it was so easy to fact check? Has it made the world smarter? Doesn’t quite seem so, yet. It hasn’t kept people from being laid off in mass numbers in the past few weeks.

But it’s going to have some impact. It has to. Right?

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