Why Obamaphone Lady Matters

Everyone on the internets has seen Obamaphone Lady by now, right?

The left is in a big freakout about why this doesn’t matter. It’s just one random person. The ‘free cell phone’ program began under Bush. Big deal, nothing to see here, move-on.

Here’s why it matters: regular people are sick of sick and tired of people gaming the system. 

The problem isn’t making sure people who are actually in need have a phone so they can live. This isn’t about helping the destitute, the disabled and elderly people in dire straits. Americans are fine with that.

What Americans aren’t fine with is people don’t actually need it figuring out you can get a free cell phone from the goverment and piling on. Just because they can, if they stand in the proper line and fill out the form just waste. That’s abusing the system and frankly, abusing the goodwill of taxpayers. It’s the same gaming the system that happened in Pigford and with home loans a few years ago and unemployment benefits that extend way past 99 weeks and a whole bunch of other shady, fraud-inducing programs that we were sold by liberals as common decency.

Obamaphone Lady is off script for the liberal ideal merchant. She’s telling the truth. It’s ugly. It’s naked mooching, in your face and angry like an unsatisfiable baby.

And guess what? We get it. And it’s not this one lady and it’s not about race or gender. It’s about a system of government giveaways that has gone way too far.

And it’s a big deal.

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