Why This Video From Somali Al Qaeda Should Scare The Heck Out Of Minnesotans

Why This Video From Somali Al Qaeda Should Scare The Heck Out Of Minnesotans

[su_pullquote align=”right”] The video says “Jihad is an obligation upon every Muslim living in the West today…” [/su_pullquote]On October 17th, 2012 the Somali Al Qaeda cell called Al Shabaab released an hour long recruitment video urging jihadists to follow the example of the Fort Hood massacre and the Boston Marathon bombers and use ‘whatever you can get your hands on’. Here’s a clip from that video that discusses the ‘obligation of all Muslims to wage jihad on the West.’ (h/t The Blaze)

Why should Minnesota care?

Because Al Shabaab has been successfully recruiting in the Minneapolis Somali community.

On New Year’s Day, Al Shabaab launched terror attacks in Somali.

That same morning, a building exploded in the Minneapolis Somali neighborhood of Cedar-Riverside.

Is it speculation to think the explosion may not have been an accident?

Apparently, the Islamist apologist group CAIR doesn’t think so. They immediately voiced suspicious the explosion might be a hate crime. CAIR posted the following video on their YouTube channel.

If CAIR can speculate that the explosion is a hate crime, is it okay to speculate that the explosion may be related to Al Shabaab?

At VERY LEAST, all Americans should be very worried that Al Shabaab has successfully recruited “Minnesota Martyrs” and is calling for attacks on the west. And they should be very worried that so few people are talking about it.


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