Bill Schmalfeldt & Neal Rauhauser Try To Intimidate Me From Going To #BlogBash

Bill Schmalfeldt’s new tactic of intimidation, done in concert with Neal Rauhauser, is to attempt to intimidate me from going to CPAC, where I am nominated for a Blog Bach award for Best Activism for Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day. Read more about the connection between Bill Schmalfeldt and Brett Kimberlin here.

I filed criminal harassment charges against Bill Schmalfeldt a couple of weeks ago. In a very Kimberlin-esque move of ‘Accuse The Accuser” is now claiming that I filed false charges. I’ve shown that Bill Schmalfeldt is also deleting evidence that my charges were true.

Here he’s claiming that I lied to law enforcement. Note that Matt Osborne–who gave the police false info about the story–retweets him.



Bill Schmalfeldt attempts to make it seem as though I will face serious penalties. Neal Rauhauser retweets; both Bill Schmalfeldt and Rauhauser are the ones actually facing charges in Maryland currently. 



Then Brett Kimberlin associate Neal Rauhauser and Bill attempt to make it seem that I face imminent arrest if I go to Maryland.


lg-nealThis is a transparent ploy to intimidate me by two men who have been working together to harass me and others for months.


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  1. So Rauhauser, the guy with multiple warrants out against him, says you wont’ show up even though you have zero warrants out against you? What kind is sick reality do these people live in?


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