Open Letter To Brett Kimberlin & Kevin Zeese

Mr. Kimberlin & Mr. Zeese,

I’d like to correct the record and invite you to sue me, if you dare.

In the recent Maryland hearing that ended with the arrest of blogger Aaron Walker, Brett Kimberlin said that Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day was Mr. Walker’s idea.

In a recent letter to Ali Akbar of the National Blogger’s Club, the implication was that Mr. Akbar and / or his group and / or a man named Foster Fries were behind Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day. According to The Examiner:

In a letter sent to Ali A. Akbar of the National Bloggers Club,Velvet Revolution, a pro-Occupy group started by convicted Speedway bomber Brett Kimberlin, demanded Akbar “preserve all documents” that relate to a recent blogburst known as “Everybody blog about Brett Kimberlin Day.”

According to the letter sent by the group, the blogburst “caused countless death threats against our staff, the release of massive amounts of false and defamatory information on to the Internet, and unleashed stalking and harassment.”

For the record : Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day was entirely and completely my idea. I first mentioned it in this post. I told one person about the idea before I posted it and they are ready to be a witness. I never encouraged violence against Mr. Kimberlin nor would I condone any violence. Mr. Kimberlin is the convicted violent felon not the people who write about him.

If you want to file your baseless, anti-free speech, anti-American lawsuit against the creator of Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day. — I’m right here.

My email address is Bring it on.

Mr. Kimberlin is a public figure and the issues that I’ve encouraged people to research and discuss are matters of public interest. Mr. Kimberlin has involved himself in the political process. He’s continued to put himself in the public eye by filing public lawsuits against people who would expose him.

I’m not afraid of the truth. Mr. Kimberlin is.

– Lee Stranahan


  1. On behalf of anyone who treasures the right of free speech, thank you, thank you.

  2. Think they’re bright enough to figure out if they sue you for coming up with ‘Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day’, this would totally void the charge they made up in Maryland against Walker?

  3. Awesome: a stupid ad hominem attack already from Bill Mitchell.

  4. Lee, how does an unemployed, father of seven make a living writing a blog? Oh, I’m sorry, you are self employed, which we all know is RWNJ code for unemployed. Please go back to school and take some writing classes. It should be illegal to butcher the English language the way you do.

  5. Rick Lewis,
    It seems to me he’s making a living by being creative and putting out great journalism.
    You’re right that this doesn’t sound easy and I bet we agree most people couldn’t pull it off. I know I wouldn’t be able to.
    But ‘Everyone Blog about Kimberlin Day’ was an awesome idea. Stranahan’s video about Kimberlin was excellent. His work on Pigford has been powerful.
    So that’s how.
    I take exception to your claim he’s unemployed when he appears to be extremely productive.

  6. “No, I thought of Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day!” — Sparticus

  7. Dustin, quit licking Lee’s taint and open your eyes. He’s an under-educated hack that sadly brought seven children into this world that will most likely end up worse off than he is. I guarantee that out of those seven kids, at least two will be drug addicts, one will do porn/strip, one will be a flaming homosexual (it’s genetic), one will join the military and won’t make it though basic, and the remaining two will be trading shifts at the local gas station. Sorry, but that’s the extent of Lee’s creativity and accomplishment in this world.

  8. Why are all these lefties so homophobic? Rick obviously views gays as low as drug addicts and porn stars. And gas station attendants, who are just scum, apparently.

    Keep talking, prick. You only expose yourself further.

  9. When all they can criticize is your writing style, you know you are dealing with a troll with very little creativity.

  10. Ghost, I mean Lee, I’m not homophobic, just stating a fact that the odds are one of your kids will be or is gay. Why would you love that kid less when it’s something genetic? Shame on you for being such a bad human being. God made you a retard and I doubt your parents loved you any less. Now I’m sure your dad wishes he had aborted you around three years old, but that’s a different story altogether.

  11. Pretty sure Lee has his own account on his website. You’re the one who equated gays with drug addicts and porn stars.

    You think it’s unhuman to be gay, which is why you choose to use it as an insult. Like the way a neonazi would call someone a n*****r-lover, you call people you hate gay. Because you’re a homophobe.

    The evidence speaks for itself.

  12. One of the things that most drove me crazy about Breitbart’s tweets were all the retweets he did of his attackers. Just an endless list of hate. However, I could see where he was going with them because easily half were anti-gay slurs. The irony was thick, so many “kind-hearted, tolerant” liberals calling someone a fag or c*ck-sucker, as if that was a bad thing.

    That sonic boom you just heard was that same point screaming over Rick (uh, can I call you Dick?) Lewis’ head.

  13. Lee, as you attempt to make a buck on this fiasco, are you using convicted credit card felon, Ali Akbar, for financial gain or rhetorical gain? In other words, is he kicking you back a percentage of the credit cards he steals or are you not not aware of the criminals on your side of this silliness?

  14. Ghost, as a right winger, why do you care? Your leaders all favor the suppression of gays and lesbians. Your criticism of a commenter while continuing to pull the lever on Election Day of members of a homophobic party is just a little weird

  15. Tim,
    I’m an anarcho-capitalist, most likely voting for Gary Johnson. My wife is a surrogate for a gay couple. More than that, I have no “leaders.” I have no allegiance to any politician or party, so your assumption that I continue to pull the lever for the homophobic party (and if the republicans are scared of gays, the left just fucking hates them. Again, neonazis don’t call people racist, because that’s not an insult to them. The left calls people like Lee or Breitbart gay because they hate Lee and Breitbart as much as they hate gay people) just continues to show how fucking stupid you are.

    And Ali’s felony participation in someone else stealing a credit card got him community service. How about Brett Kimberlin’s felony?

  16. Timb, since you have thrown your hat in with Kimberlin and his ilk, how are you going to feel when he sets off his next bomb?

  17. Timb,

    Deep breath, dude. Right wingers don’t want to suppress gays and lesbians. This has nothing to do with that issue. It has to do with the First Amendment, including YOUR right to free expression and free association. SWATTing and “gag orders” from judges are the kinds of things which hurt all democratic (small-D) sides. This entire episode really makes the left look pretty nutty. I would think a rational, law-abiding liberal would want to end political intimidation, not encourage it.

  18. Don’t let Ghost fool you. His wife is a surrogate for a gay couple, yeah right. You have a black friend too so no one can ever call you a racist, right? Statistically speaking, one of Lee’s kids will be gay. Since Republicans are so big on facts, why is that fact hard to grasp? You know that Lee hates gay people, just as a majority of the Republican party hates anyone that looks or thinks differently than they do. It doesn’t change the fact that Lee is mentally retarded and other than being allowed to speak his mind on this horribly written blog, he has nothing of value to contribute to society. Even the sperm he contributed for those seven kids was a failure.

  19. Statistically speaking, one of Lee’s kids will be gay.

    What statistic is that?

  20. Statistically speaking, 1 in 7 people are gay? You’re a fucking genius, you are.

    I don’t deny that there are republicans, like Bill Kristol, who hate everyone who doesn’t think like them. But then there’s you, who thinks that anyone who doesn’t think like you is retarded and doomed to have gay children, because that’s the worst hell a gay hater like you can imagine. But no, only those crazy right wingers hate people who don’t think exactly like them.

    Definitely not leftists who feast on their own who dare to step out of lock step.

    Keep projecting, douchebag. I don’t need to prove to you that I’m not a homophobe. But you’d have a tough time proving you’re not with these comments.

  21. . Even the sperm he contributed for those seven kids was a failure.

    So the sperm that produces a gay child is a “failure”?


    Ricky (can I call you Dicky?), you might want to stop digging now….

  22. All of Lee’s sperm are failures not just because one of his kids will statistically be gay, but because seven of Lee’s retarded sperm somehow found their way home. How could any rational person believe that a life long failure like Lee would produce anything but future failures. Being gay has nothing to do with failure, it’s about the lack of contribution his seven kids will one day make to society. Even worse that they are supposedly home schooled, meaning they are learning how to be intolerant and ignorant from a very young age, which is the time when most adult behaviors are formed.

  23. Lee’s catching useless, stupid ad hominem attacks.

    Note to Lee:


  24. I wouldn’t call it flak, more like some idiot blowing his hand off with a firework.

    But the gist is the same.

  25. All of Lee’s sperm are failures not just because one of his kids will statistically be gay,

    So one will be a failure because s/he is gay, but not JUST because of that.

    Really Rick, stop digging.

    And please tell us what “statistic” tells us one in seven kids will be gay.

  26. Looks like Dicky disappeared.

    Maybe that hole he was so furiously digging collapsed in on him.

    Either that or he’s looking for that “statistic” he saw that said 25% of people were gay. (a gallup? poll had that number recently as people who thought that was the number. It had no basis in fact. Kind of like Dick’s posts)

  27. Tom, clearly you don’t do any of your own research or reading. Note: Watching Fox News and reading Lee’s blog is not considered research. I have written a lengthy blog post about this statistic but clearly you refuse to look it up. Until you are willing to do some of your own homework, you can’t be helped. By the way, are you part of the statistic? Seems that you are, based on your defensive tone.

  28. Ricky, I don’t need a blog post, nor would I consider your blog to be in any way a place to go for information. All I want is the statistic you are using.

  29. I’ve actually done a considerable amount of research on this subject (you can read about it on my blog, including the links to my own research and findings on my own blog…that’s how we do it, right conservatives [pun most definitely intended]?). The statistical number is actually much closer to 1 in 3. Interestingly, about ten percent of liberals are gay, half of progressives are gay, and the entire conservative movement is either gay or bisexual but trending gay. This leaves the straight folks as ninety percent of liberals, the other half of progressives, zero conservatives, and then an insignificant percentage of the already insignificant number of people who don’t align themselves with one of the two major parties, e.g., Ghost. Again, read about it on my blog, which is supported by references to my own blog and other blogs that again reference themselves and probably also link back to my blog, but certainly don’t reference any actual relevant informational source (again, tell me if I’m not doing this right, conservatives).

  30. Here, Ricky-pooh, lemme help:

    An estimated 9 million Americans — or nearly 4 percent of the total population — say they identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, according to a new report released this week from the Williams Institute, a think-tank devoted to LGBT research at UCLA.

    That is in line with the usually stated STATISTIC of 2-3% of the population being LGBT.

  31. That study is ridiculously flawed Tom

    Standard answer when you have no numbers to back your assertions up. I’ll stick with the Williams Institute, the IOM, and others. They don’t all agree, but the numbers are close, between 2 and 5%.

    So, yet again, tell us how you get to one in seven children will be gay. And please answer with real references, not pathetic pleas to give hits to your blog.

  32. Reading lee’s blog isn’t research. You should read my blog. That’s research.

    And again, calling people gay as an insult. Yup. You definitely are friendly to gay people.

    Let me help you out here: I say, “I don’t like you, so you must be black.” obviously, since I’m saying that as an insult, you can draw the conclusion that I’m not fond of black people (are you following me so far?). Since I’m not racist, I would be more likely to say that you argue like a communist pedophile (those are both insults to people like me who abhor communists and pedophiles), and not likely to say, “you argue like a Ron Paul supporter!” I like Ron Paul supporters, so I wouldn’t use that as an insult, even of I was arguing with someone like you who would view it as an insult. Are you still with me? When you use a word as an insult, you are saying that you disapprove of things associated with that word. When you say Tom and Lee are gay, and you’re using gay as an insult, you’re saying you don’t like gay people. Because you’re a homophobe like the majority of leftists out there.

    Forrest Gump was frikken Sagan compared to you, fucklechuck.

  33. Evolution says you’re wrong, moron. If 1 in 7 homosapiens are homosexual, the species wouldn’t be thriving and expanding. We would have an under population problem.

    Are you saying you don’t believe in evolution?

  34. Prick,

    Your statistics are bullshit. You can’t claim unknowns (the number of closeted homosexuals) as part of the knowns. 2 to 5 people out of 100 are gay. Not one in seven. That’s bullshit. But so is your “I don’t mean it as an insult” bullshit. Let’s take a look back:

    “He’s an under-educated hack that sadly brought seven children into this world that will most likely end up worse off than he is. I guarantee that out of those seven kids, at least two will be drug addicts, one will do porn/strip, one will be a flaming homosexual…”

    You say Lee is an uneducated hack, a retard, who brought 7 kids into the world who will wind up worse off than him. Then, to describe the hell that YOU consider to be worse than under educated retard with failure sperm, you say one of them will be a “flaming homosexual.” Because whenever I hear the words “flaming homosexual,” I know that a very sympathetic compassionate person is speaking, and that person in no way looks down on gays. Especially when they’re using the term to describe someone WORSE than an unemployed RWNJ.

    You get it yet? For your bullshit stats, the inflated number for estimating the number of gay people (including closeted) is around 7-8%. Not 14.5% like you seem to want to believe so badly. Because if all the conservatives are closeted gays, it makes them that much easier for you to hate them.

    Because you already hate gays.

  35. Man, Ghost and Tom just really haven’t figured out they’re being f***ed with yet, have they? Keep it up, Rick, Ghost, and Tom. I could keep reading this crap for years. Amazing stuff.

  36. Of course we’re being fucked with, but just on the off chance that Prick actually does believe his own bullshit, it’s still pretty easy to sit here and point out the obvious: prick is a homophobe who hates free speech.

  37. Well, thank God I’m just retarded, and not worse off like the flaming homosexuals, huh?

    No, no, no, dig UP, stupid!

  38. Have you considered the possibility that Prick is actually a speechophobe who hates free homos? Let’s chew on that for a moment. Ghost, Tom, and (P)rick, I love you guys!

  39. I considered it, but his hatred of gays seems to be all he can talk about, with a passing mention that people he disagrees with shouldn’t be allowed to speak. He is the Jerry Falwell of the left. “that guy is gay! That guy is gay! That puppet is gay! That cartoon is gay! Everyone must be gay, because I hate them all so damn much!”

  40. So we’re having a debate now? That’s weird. Ok, let’s debate your way. You’re gay. You must be gay, because I disagree with you.

    Again, not a conservative; anarcho-capitalist. And Lee is a classical liberal. Yet you think that the right wing has the lockstep mentality. Do you know why Lee was banned from Kos? Exposing the truth about John Edwards. But Markos is obviously one of the right wing goose steppers. He’s probably gay, too.

    Wow! Look at us debate.

  41. Strange, I go to the trouble of posting an actual link to an actual study and Rick/Don don’t bother to give any, yet claim they did.

    What’s up with that?

  42. Thats because they’re debating. Didn’t you know?

  43. Lee – good for you and thank you for doing all that you have done.



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