Seth Allen & Brett Kimberlin In One Lesson

Seth Allen is a liberal blogger from Massachusetts.

He has been writing about Brett Kimbelin for year — since 2006 or 2007, I believe. Seth has written about Kimberlin’s criminal past and done so honestly, from what I’ve seen.

Seth is victim of Brett Kimberlin’s harassment. Kimberlin has taken him to court and made all sorts of wild and false accusations about Seth Allen.

Because Seth is liberal, the harrassement shows that Kimberlin doesnt just attack conservatives.

Seth is a victim here and has been for a long time. He has written a lot about Kimberlin.

In most of the write-ups about Brett Kimberlin–including Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day–Seth Allen was barely mentioned.


Let’s do it this way : this is Seth’s blog. Go and read it yourself. In fact, pick just about any entry you want at random to read.

See if you can see the problem.

I’m not going to attack or be critical of Seth here. He’s one of Kimberlin’s victims and infighting only benefits Kimberlin. I am on his side, as I am on the side of all those Kimberlin has wronged.


  1. Why are you – any of you – mixed up with this very clearly disturbed person? He makes this cause far less credible to anyone looking at the story. God, he has the Kostards identified as CIA? He has Kimberlin identified as CoIntelPro? He has dragged all sorts of people into his sick conspiracy theories without any proof. Also, correct me if I am wrong, but out of all of the BK victims, is he not the one who actually deserved to be arrested? Pat wrote about him making a death threat or something. Right? Why are you mixed up with this guy? Drop him and focus on actual and real victims here (people who did not make death threats and have not made absurd allegations about aliens). Maybe this is why no one will take this scandal seriously? We need to get this out to the LMS. They will take one look at this guy and run the other way. I beg you, focus on the real victims in this!

    Oh and I just read his tweets. He is attacking Ali!!! Just cut this guy out of the story.

  2. I second Butters up above! Are you sure Seth Allen and Ron Brynaert are not the same asshole? Or maybe all liberals are this creepy and violent? He actually threatens to hit Patterico in that post.

  3. Seth is not Brynaert, which you can deduce from his arrest at Kimberlin’s hands. And he does not threaten Patterico which you can deduce from what he actually wrote. He’s just running off at the mouth for effect, and he makes that clear. But he is not helping himself by lashing out at and making demands of people he wants to help him.

    Seth, you’re dealing with conservatives. Their default position is that they don’t owe you shit. Convince them you’re deserving. Whining that you’re entitled is anathema to them. It isn’t going to work.

  4. I agree with Butterslop, CraftPatriot and Pablo. Probably the only sane people in this story are the ones you haven’t talked about. These are conservatives who don’t have a big mouth begging for money and you’re suspiciously avoiding what continues to happen with them. Why is that Lee?

    Focusing on the squeaky wheel is stupid. There’s a lot more info out there that you’re not covering.

  5. Did anyone else notice that Seth Allen listed the property value of Patterico’s home? Why is he looking into the property value of his home? Hellllllllllllllllloooooooooooo? Lee?

  6. Mayhem7, respectfully, perhaps you’re coming to this story late, as you don’t know of which you speak. Lee Stanahan has done a great deal, including initiating Blog About Brett Kimberlin day, which was the first important step required to bring Kimberlin to justice.

  7. The boy has some issues. I remember the screen name Socrates pretty well, too.



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