Work with me…

Here are four jobs I have open right now…email me and let’s talk.

I could outsource these or whatever but even on the short term ones (1 and 2) I’m looking for real people who WANT to do the work and maybe work together again in the future.

1) site needs to be done. This is event coming in late February and the website isn’t finished. It needs to be finished.

a. You need to know how to use WordPress

b. You need to be able to figure out the WP theme quickly

c. You need to be able to go to a few event sites and look at what they have for pages and copy those so my site isn’t missing anything

d. You need to be able to problem solve – find photos, find people’s resume

e. You need to be able to style WordPress pages

f. You need to be able to knock this stuff out and get it done – I’d rather have something slightly wrong but DONE – so I can edit it and fix the wrong stuff – rather than stillborn and waiting for perfection.

g. HOW LONG THIS SHOULD TAKE – 2-3 hours. Again, I don’t need it perfect but I do need a solid first draft with nothing missing. Budget accordingly for 2-3 hours of your life.

2) Mindless Cutting And Pasting

a. I have hundreds of video files. I need webpages made from them. The job is cutting code from a page and pasting it into another page. About 800 times. And making sure it all works.

b. HOW LONG THIS SHOULD TAAKE: Honestly? It seems like you should be able to do 50-100 an hour or so. It’s boring but quick. So 8 hours total? 10 maybe? Right around there.

c. You can listen to music or something to dull the pain.

3) Book Copy Editor

This gig could lead to lots of referral work for you. Please ONLY apply if being a freelance editor for self published books is a dream job of your. I mean it.

I am putting together a book of my political writing.

You must have Word 2010 and know how to use it.

Phase 1 is collecting old essays of mine about politics and cutting and pasting them into a Word doc and formatting them. This is an hour or two.

Note– the formatting is really important.

Then – reading the essays and fixing grammar / spelling type errors – also, finding stuff that doesn’t make sense in a book or needs explaining

Forth – then we’ll talk content, if you’re interested in that end of things. The MAIN work I need on this right now is getting things in order on formatting, spelling, grammar, typo issues.

4) Sales / Marketing Partner

a. This could pay well if you know what you’re doing – commission based sales for Horror Film Boot Camp. Talk to me if you think you have a way to sell stuff to horror film people.

5) A few other WordPress / DAP sites need to be set up.

a. If you know WP / DAP and the Optimize Press plug-in – let’s talk! This could be an ongoing thing.

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