Bill Schmalfeldt Says He Removed Tweets About Brett Kimberlin At Kimberlin’s Request

9c8cdc242d_mdFirst, Bill Schmalfeldt tweeted about how he enjoyed meeting Brett Kimberlin today and that he didn’t care about Kimberlin’s past as a convicted bomber, perjurer and drug dealer who did everything he could to avoid paying the widow of the man who killed himself due to Kimberlin’s action.  Then Bill Schmalfeldt deleted those tweets. Then, he said he deleted those tweets at someone’s request, but didn’t say who. Now, he says he did it at the request of Brett Kimberlin himself, who wants to avoid ‘publicity.’

Well, how do you think that’s going to work out?







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  1. You’d do it for anyone?
    Please delete every tweet with Stranahan’s name in it then.
    LSoS test #2 begins Parky. Let’s see how you fare.


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