Night Music | Van Morrison | Caravan

Van Morrison live can be hit or miss. This is from The Last Waltz, backed by The Band. It’s ‘hit’.

Alinsky | Reason #27 I’m Not Voting For Barack Obama

Night Jam | King Crimson | Thela Hun Ginjeet | 1981

Holy cow! Over 30 years ago! Three decades. Why do I feel like Radiohead should cover this, pronto? Amazing, still.

Help : Watch This Video & Tell Me The Democrat Strategy

Watch this new video from : this is their summary on the ‘GOP Strategy’ and if you’re conservative, it’s good to see how the other side thinks. This sums it up in less than five minutes.

In this video, MoveOn describe the ‘three prongs’ of the GOP strategy as:

  1. Sabotage The Economy & Blame Obama For It
  2. Get Rich 1%ers To Spend Money On Misleading Ads
  3. Racist Voter Suppression

I’m considering doing a video rebuttal to this. I see the three prongs of the “Democrat Strategy” as:

  1. Distract From Obama’s Record & Hide His Real Agenda
  2. Class Division Based On The Occupy 1% / 99% Paradigm
  3. Play The Race Card At Every Opprotunity

What do you think? Tell me in comments.